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Chaka Khan

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If you have any of these please let me know.

Ain't Nobody (2002 Drum Excursion)

Ain't Nobody (2002 Full Excursion)

Ain't Nobody ('89 Remix)

Ain't Nobody (2003 Mix)

Ain't Nobody (DM Mix)

Ain't Nobody (DMC MIX)

Ain't Nobody (Dub Version)

Ain't Nobody (White Label)

Ain't Nobody (Hallucinogenic Version) (6:55)

Ain't Nobody (Bassapella) (4:41)

Ain't Nobody (Dangermouse Mix)

All Good (Can 7 Supermarket Remix)

All Good (Ugo+Sanz Chaka's Affair)

All Good (Razor N' Guido Duhb Mix)

All Good (Royal G Remix)

Any Love (White Label)

Baby Me (Babysitting Mix)

Baby Me (Nursery Mix)

Baby Me (3 C.K.s & A Baby Mix)

Clouds (C&C DJ Bonus Mix)

Do You Love What You Feel (Ext 12" Version)

Do You Love What You Feel (US Disco Mix)

Essence (DJ Krush Main Mix)

Essence (Bukem's DJ Mix)

Essence (Extra 90 Dub Mix)

Essence (Future 2 Future Album Mix)

Essence (J.C - Sacred Opus Mix)

Essence (J.C - Bonita Mix)

Eye To Eye (12" Version)

Eye To Eye (Extended Remix) (6:35)

G'wan (Orchestral Cut)

Get My Party On (Graham Stack Remix)

Give Me All (Extended R&B Mix)

Give Me All (Fierce Club Mix)

Groove Like That (Koolkingmuthafuckindjonionzmix)

Groove Like That (Rob Yancey Mix)

I Feel for You (Extended Edit)

I Feel For You (House Mix)

I feel for you (DMC Remix)

I Feel For You (House Mix)

I Feel For You (L.A. Version) (8:00)

I Feel For You (Soulwax Remix)

I Feel For You (Remix) (7:12)

I Feel For You (RKL Remix) (6:14)

I Feel For You (Instrumental Dub Version) (7:12)

I'll Be Good To You (12" Remix)

I'm Every Woman (Remix) (8:34)

I'm Every Woman (Original Extended Remix)

I'm Every Woman (White Label)

I'm Every Woman (Remix) (8:23)

I'm Every Woman (Dub Version) (4:59)

I'm Every Woman (89 Remix) (5:26)

It's My Party (Dance Dub Mix)

(Krush Groove) Can't Stop The Street (Extended Dance Mix) (6:01)Love You All My Lifetime (A Capella) (2:29)

Love You All My Lifetime (Diva Dub) (7:03)

Mauve Zone (Starfire Version)

Miles Blowin' (Disco 9000 Mix)

Miles Blowin' (Afro-Cube Remix )

Missing You (Acapella Mellow Mix)

Misti Blu (Neon N Rmada Sa Fish Mix)

Misti Blu (Magik Johnson Vocal Mix)

Never Miss The Water (remix)

Number One (Court Mix)

Our Day Will Come (Long Version)

Own The Night (12" Version)

Places You Find Love (Complete Remix)

Spirit Of Love (Dance Mix)

Stomp (Mousse T Radio Mix #1)

This Is My Night (Dance Remix)

Watch What You Say (CJ Mix)

Yes We Can (Extended Version)